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Coin Dies • Coin Minting 

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Since 1973!

B E X Engravng Co Inc, Since 1973

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BEX Engraving Co, Inc., Celebrating 47 Years in Business!


From the beginning, our engraving and tooling services have included Steel Dies, Injection Molds/Pins/Cavities, Radius and 3D stamping dies, Graphite Molds, and everything in-between. 

Our journey with Coin Die engraving started in the late 1970s, creating and supplying coin dies for the Casino Tokens industry and Coin Mint establishments across the country. Expanding to include onsite Custom Coining in the early 1980's. Emplementing only the best traditional and new methods of coin fabrication, always with the best Craftsmanship and Quality available. 

Providing coin fabrication of industry standards in rounds and bars. Base Metals, Silver, and Gold. Custom FInishes to Standard Finishes, also including plating, select plating, and enameling.  

Family Owned & Operated since 1973!  Andrea, Chris, Tom, and our Crew.. striving to provide the very best offered in the industry.

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